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We easily see in others these traits but often find it difficult to see this in ourselves. In fact, we are harsh judges of ourselves, and believe it or not this is the first hurdle to great leadership.

This program is designed to open up the participant to their version of these words, and many more. For one to open up to their leadership potential they must first open up to themselves and acknowledge themselves for their unique gifts, strengths, weaknesses and accept and love all of these attributes.

Testimonial – Aurore solutions and Gio Silanesu

I have been receiving personal development coaching from Gio Silanesu for some months.
In that time, I have become aware of significant changes to my manner of dealing with personal conflicts and challenges. This has been particularly noticeable in my interactions with those dearest and closest to me. The changes to my attitude and responses have also reduced my overall stress and anxiety levels which has given me a clearer mind to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes.
On the basis of the results of my personal coaching, I asked Gio to undertake coaching of the management team within my business. This has resulted in clearer communication between different staff members, and has created a
more cooperative team.
Gio’s strength in this environment is his ability to communicate with, and relate to, a diverse group of team members with quite different agenda.

I would recommend Gio and his program to any Business owner and Manager looking for personal or professional coaching, or for anyone looking to have key staff or project teams coached to achieve more effective (and satisfying) results.



Lewis Thomas


Abbey Glaze

From this point of awareness, it becomes far easier to be empathetic to others because we hold less judgement. We can hold the truth for ourselves and then accept the truth of others without the need to force change, we become connected to ourselves and as a result we are way more connected to the people in our outer world. We are able to set true direction and as a result engage others into our journey.

In this Program Gio lays down a platform / Paradigm that the participant will work with. A series of simple but not easy contexts to view the world with. From there the participant goes about their business and personal life normally and in the workshop and review session we review events and responses to those events to gain deep distinctions on how to connect to self as source.

The results of this Program for the participant is that each participant has the enhanced ability to connect to others in their work, home and social environments. This comes about because they are far more aware and therefore connected to themselves, accepting of themselves and empathetic to themselves. Communication with colleagues, clients, Friends and family changes, is enhanced and from there results are vastly different, Culture is different, and the feeling of the environment is different. Welcome to true leadership.

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