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Builders sales program 3-day Workshop

This is a specific course designed utilizing Gio’s 30 years of construction experience.

It became apparent after the GFC that if I didn’t change the way we operated the business would go broke. I was told by all that there was no way to charge clients for pricing their works particularly in the midst of one of the largest economic downturns in recent history.

Well these comments and the circumstances were all Gio needed to change the way he did business. the results were never doing another project without the clients paying to get the price and then doubling the size of the business.

Key Outcomes for the participant

  • Get Paid to Price projects.
  • An understanding of the marketplace and Sales Psychology.
    1. Client mindset in an upturning economy.
    2. Client mindset in a down turning economy.
    3. Your personal resistance to moving to a paid to price works model in your business.
    4. An understanding of how people are wired so that you can take the personal emotion out of the process.
  • Understanding and tools to manage the clients needs and to present on value not price.
  • A Detailed and Step by Step Sales Process.
  • Clarity on Core Values and Mission Statements.
  • The foundation of a Company Profile.
  • A Library of resources from templated emails to Client details forms.

It is the express intention of the program to develop the process for builders to charge to price projects, the tools on how to do this and the skills to execute this. The reason for this program is to deliver a better standard of return for the custom home and renovation builder while delivering a far superior service to the marketplace.

The Program is designed for Custom home builders and renovators with a min turnover of $1,300,000 + with an average job value of $400,000 +.

Requirements from Participants for the program.
  • An open mind and a willingness to learn.
  • A Computer We will be working on some of the systems in the room.
  • A genuine desire to serve the marketplace.
  • A genuine desire to deliver a better return for their efforts.

This program has been developed using techniques and skills developed over the past 14 years. I developed and started using the Paid to Price method of proposals, in 2010 in the middle of the GFC recession in the Qld Market. And so, understand that there is a way to do this in a down turning economy.

I have tested and added to the process over the past 9 years and now have a total understanding and complete system of how to deliver the results needed in the participants business.

My mission is to deliver the owners of these businesses back to their families and deliver a better outcome for the marketplace.

Gio Silanesu.

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